The contract for this domain ( expires on November 6, 2023.
Not plan to update the contract for this domain.

If someone might acquire this domain and run a fraudulent website.
Please be very careful.

Even if the contract update of the domain expires, the manifest remains in the Internet Archive.

The Future of Decentralized Social Media.



CAW (A Hunters Dream) is a mysterious token launched on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token with a cryptographic treasure hunt.




This is design without design.
It is up to you to form it.


🌙 CAW builders 🌙 – TelegramA Hunters Dream CAW 🌙 CAWMUNITY 🌙 – Telegram

CAWMmunity 🌙 – TwitterWebSiteGitHub


Major exchanges
where you can buy CAW Token.

MEXC Global
MEXC Global
Huobi Global
Huobi Global